Social Inclusion

This site addresses the Australian Government’s vision of a socially inclusive society in which all Australians feel valued and have the opportunity to participate fully in the community.


Job Access

Advice and support for job seekers.

Support and workplace solutions for employers of people with disability.


Department of Employment 

Information on education and workplace training, transition to work, and conditions and values in the workplace.


Government of South Australia

Information on being at work, looking for work, workplace safety, employing people, money and financial support.


Australian Government

Employment assistance and resources for people living with disability.


Career Tips

An information guide, resource kit and referral source for people with disabilities who are in their final years of school, about to begin or currently undertaking vocational education and training (VET) studies, or university studies, or have recently graduated from one of these pathways.



Specialised employment help for people with disability.


National Disability Coordination Office

Assistance and resources for employers.