Are you looking for staff?

MJP Employment Services is a specialist recruitment service for South Australian businesses looking to fill vacancies.

Why choose MJP Employment Services?

Matching a job to the most appropriate candidate should be the number one priority of recruitment. MJP Employment Services advisors will assist you to recruit the right person and link you to a range of workplace supports. This includes providing you with information and advice on working with people with disability.

Save time - we work with employers to:

  • Broadcast vacancies
  • Match the right job seeker to your vacancy
  • Provide up to date information on any issues relating to the recruitment of job seekers

MJP Employment Services makes it easy

We provide:

  • A free of charge premium recruitment service that is tailored to suit your requirements which includes job descriptions, candidate screenings and short listing
  • A free work trial to assess the job seeker’s suitability for the position
  • An accredited on-the-job workplace trainer to ensure the employee learns the job to your satisfaction
  • Information about government grants and incentives
  • Assistance with any required workplace modifications.
  • Confidential, expert advice and support relating to the employment of people with disability

Why employing someonewith disability makes sense

Strengthen your business

Recruitment in Australia is changing as the workforce is ageing. As a result, labour shortages are expected to increase in all major industries. Just like any other employee, people with disability bring a range of skills, abilities and qualifications to the workplace.

A few of the benefits of employing someone with disability:

  • 90%* of employees with a disability record productivity rates equal to, or greater than, other workers
  • 98%* have good or superior safety records
  • 78%* of employers respond positively to the match between mjp job seekers and the positions on offer
  • In a cost benefit analysis of workplace adjustments for employees with disability, 65%* of employers rated the financial effect to be cost neutral with a further 20%* identified an overall financial benefit

*Source: Graham,J., Shinkfield, A., Smith, K. & Polzin, U., 'Employer benefits and costs of employing a person with a disability', Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, vol. 17, pp. 251-263.

Our employers

MJP Employment Services builds links between employers and job seekers.

Right now, MJP Employment Services is supporting these organisations to build more inclusive, diverse workplaces:

  • The Lakes Resort Hotel
  • Alsco Linen
  • Minda Inc.