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What does MJP Provide?

MJP Employment Services is an initiative of Minda designed to support, advise and connect people living with intellectual disability who want to work in the general labour market.

We link organisations looking to fill vacancies with suitable candidates and provide ongoing support to ensure positive outcomes are achieved for both the job seeker and the employer.

Our trained, experienced staff ensure job placement needs are met.

MJP Employment Services is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services (DSS).

MJP Employment Services continues to be involved as a member with the National Council for Intellectual Development by promoting employment opportunities at the national level.

Famous people with a learning or intellectual disability

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Werner Von Braun

Von Braun lived with a learning disability, frequently failing his maths tests in high school. He went on ... Click to read more

Winston Churchill

As a result of learning disability, Churchill struggled with studies at Harrow School in his early years. So much so that ... Click to read more

Thomas Edison

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General George Patton

When Patton was 12 years old, he could not read. He remained deficient ... Click to read more

Walt Disney

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Interested in training?

MJP Employment Services has extensive experience and success in seeking suitable accredited training courses.

Our vision

Maximise choice and inclusion for people living with intellectual disability to achieve their aspirations.

Our mission

Build the most trusted specialist employment agency assisting people living with intellectual disability to gain sustainable jobs.

MJP Employment Services is...making jobs possible!

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