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MJP Employment Services has been Making Jobs Possible for South Australians for the past 23 years. 

We listen, ask the right questions, respect your comments and together, bring your skills to action.

We have been successful in finding work for the most disadvantaged people in our community.  Where others have failed, we have succeeded.

Our customised employment model puts choice and control in the hands of the job seeker.

Famous people with a learning or intellectual disability

Thomas Edison

Edison had a learning disability and could not read until the age of 12 years old. He went through ... Click to read more

Albert Einstein

Einstein was unable to talk until he was four years old and could not read until he was nine. Teachers considered him to be ... Click to read more

Winston Churchill

As a result of learning disability, Churchill struggled with studies at Harrow School in his early years. So much so that ... Click to read more

Walt Disney

Walt Disney had a learning disability that caused him to perform poorly at school. He went on to become a world famous animator and producer.He was fired from ... Click to read more

General George Patton

When Patton was 12 years old, he could not read. He remained deficient ... Click to read more

Werner Von Braun

Von Braun lived with a learning disability, frequently failing his maths tests in high school. He went on ... Click to read more

Client Feedback


"I was on a pension, now I have a good job - what is better than that?"

MJP Client Survey 2016

"Because of the level of my disability and other health problems, I have had problems finding and keeping a job.  MJP is the first provider that has been able to keep me in work for any period of time."
MJP Client Survey 2016

MJP Employment Services is...making jobs possible!

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